AudioValley launches Bridger, a new independent rights management entity for songwriters

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Audio Valley (Paris: ALAVY) (Brussels: ALAVY) (ISIN code: BE0974334667 / mnemonic: ALAVY), an international specialist in B2B solutions for digital audio, has officially launched its subsidiary Bridger. This new independent rights management entity provides songwriters with an efficient and inexpensive solution for collecting royalties from streaming.

Open to songwriters around the world, Bridger collects and distributes royalties generated by streaming music pieces. This is intended for independent songwriters who are not affiliated with a rights management organization, and for songwriters who are affiliated with a copyright management organization and who want to benefit from 100% digital services.

“Bridger will be at the right time in the hugely growing music streaming market. Since the outbreak of the pandemic But this produces far less loyalty than it should be.. Around the world, it is estimated that hundreds of millions of dollars of annual royalties generated by streaming platforms are not paid to owners. The songwriter is not affiliated with a management entity, or the metadata of the work is inadequate to identify the rights owner. After years of development within the Audio Valley, we are proud to offer a digital audio solution today that allows songwriters to receive the rights entitled revenue. ” Audio Valley CEO Alexandre Saboundjian..

Copyright covers the composition and composition of the lyrics of musical works.. A copyright is generated each time the music is played on a digital platform. To collect them, songwriters must participate in a collective management organization or an independent management entity such as Bridger.

To distribute music on streaming platforms, artists usually go through distributors (Distrokid, CDBaby, Tunecore, etc.) that collect and pay the artist the right to copy, in addition to distributing the Reproduction rights are not copyrights. From a misunderstanding, many independent songwriters have missed some of their musical rights.

Improving the profitability of songwriters

Songwriters ensure that royalties are collected by outsourcing the management of intellectual property to Bridger. Bridger’s digital platform is easy to use, intuitive and free.

“Bridger puts songwriters at the center of its service by removing all barriers to entry. At Bridger, there are no registration fees or annual fees, and artists maintain 90% of their income... Therefore, as soon as their music produces a listen on the streaming platform, they make money. ” Bridger’s general manager, Jocelyn Seilles..

Simplified management management

Signing up for Bridger takes just a few minutes. All a songwriter needs to do is agree to an online obligation to provide some information and officially give bridgers the right to collect royalties on their behalf.

Songwriters can import and save a repertoire of musical pieces by simply linking to their Bridger account. Affiliates can also declare sharing among co-authors or other contributors and choose a percentage of royalty distribution accordingly.

Inform the artist better

Knowledge of the internal mechanics of the music industry is essential to managing the income of an artist’s career. In addition to its copyright management services, Bridger provides educational resources on its blog, which anyone can access for free.

A series of audio podcasts will also be available in the coming weeks to answer questions that independent artists may have about the music industry.

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About Audio Valley

Based in Brussels, in the heart of Europe, Audio Valley has been a pioneer and leader in digital audio since 2007. With a global network of activities throughout the sector’s value chain, Audio Valley provides customers and partners with solutions to grow their business. Through local and international digital audio.

This group brings together iconic brands. Targetspot for monetizing digital audio content, Jamendo for marketing works, Bridger for managing music rights, Shoutcast for managing streaming technology and podcasts, and Winamp, the iconic player sound. ..

The audio sector is experiencing an unprecedented digital revolution by ultra-connected consumers who want access to the best audio content anytime, anywhere. To meet these new consumer habits, AudioValley is developing technology that can instantly take advantage of digital audio. A service that connects brands and consumers, publishers and audiences, publishers and brands, artists and music lovers. AudioValley is founded in 9 countries and has 150 employees worldwide.

About the bridger

Bridger, a subsidiary of Audio Valley, is an independent copyright management entity under the law of Luxembourg. Has European legal status of EMI (Independent Management Entity, see Directive 2014/26 / EU).

Launched in 2022, Bridger offers independent songwriters an innovative solution for collecting royalties from music streaming.

No registration or annual membership fee is required to participate in Bridger. The artist holds 90% of the revenue. Therefore, as soon as their music produces playback on streaming platforms, they make money.

Bridger also provides free information to artists through blogs, webins and master classes.

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