At the Summit of the Americas, Biden talks to Latin American leaders about democracy and prosperity

US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden will give a speech at the “Summit of the Americas” held in Los Angeles on June 8, 2022 (Jim Watson / AFP)

Joe Biden argued at the Summit of the Americas, which was clouded by diplomatic conflicts, on Wednesday that he needed to defend democracy and work together for more economic prosperity.

At the opening ceremony in Los Angeles, interrupted by songs and messages from children praising the natural wonders of Latin American countries, the US President called democracy “essential to the future of the Americas.”

“Our region is wide and diverse. We don’t always agree with everything, but because we are democracy, we work on our differences with mutual respect and dialogue,” he said. Told.

The regional summit is characterized by the absence of certain heads of state, especially from Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Honduras.

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has specifically criticized the White House for excluding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

American executives justified this choice by “reservation” in the face of “lack of democratic space and respect for human rights.”


Joe Biden also advertised the launch of the “North and South America Partnership for Economic Prosperity” on Wednesday to promote more comprehensive growth in Latin America.

“What is true in the United States is true in all countries. The trickle-down economy does not work,” he said several times already that the wealth of the wealthiest people would automatically bring about the wealth of all economies. An actor who criticized this idea, said a Democrat.

The Summit of the Americas aims to explain the Biden administration’s desire to reopen and renew relations with Latin American countries during China’s significant investment in the region.

11 visits by Xi Jinping

The Council on Foreign Relations counts that China’s President Xi Jinping has visited the region 11 times since taking office in 2013.

Joe Biden has not visited Latin America since taking office in January 2021.

However, Washington does not intend to respond to China with aggressive financial announcements.

“The United States has never thought that its advantage in the world was simply to raise huge public funds,” said Jake Sullivan, White House’s chief diplomatic adviser.

Rather, he said, the goal of the United States would be “to release a significant amount of private money.”


Joe Biden also mentioned the signing of the “Los Angeles Declaration” on immigration, which is a major domestic policy issue for the President of the United States, scheduled for Friday.

As many immigrants arrive at the southern border of the United States, he talked about an “integrated approach” aimed at “sharing responsibilities.”

Participants in the summit will make a “common commitment” to achieve both “safe and orderly migration opportunities” and “control of trafficking,” he said.

On Tuesday, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $ 1.9 billion private sector pledge to help create jobs in Central America and prevent him from leaving the United States.

The summit is also an opportunity for Joe Biden to hold bilateral talks.

Most notable will be on Thursday, the first meeting with the far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The meeting will be delicate. The White House ensures that Joe Biden intends to tackle the subject of the upcoming elections in Brazil and is highly controversial for his Brazilian counterparts.

Jair Bolsonaro, who is aiming for a second term but struggling with polls, is critical of his country’s electoral system, as if he were already considering countering the possibility of defeat.