As part of a strong growth strategy in China, Believe will renew its contracts with two major digital players, NetEase Cloud Music and Tencent Music Entertainment.

As part of a strong growth strategy in China, Believe will renew its contracts with two major digital players, NetEase Cloud Music and Tencent Music Entertainment.

Paris, France – Thursday, April 28, 2022. Believe, one of the world leaders in digital music, has announced renewal of contracts with China’s digital platforms Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) and NetEase Cloud Music, enhancing her wide range of services. We supply her labels and artists locally.

The renewed agreement expands the development opportunities for these platforms offered to local and international artists of Believe, the early partners of these platforms. It became one of the first groups to have daily stream flow statistics available from TME and NetEase Cloud Music. Allows the label and artist to monitor their performance on the platform in real time.

Sylvain Delange, Managing Director of APAC at BelieveSaid : “” We are pleased to have renewed our contract with TME and NetEase Cloud Music. China is one of the most domestic music markets in the world, with a local audience consuming a large amount of local artists on local platforms. This is in perfect alignment with Believe’s vision and core values ​​of supporting local artists in their markets. We are very pleased that our labels and artists can benefit from new opportunities to reach a larger audience through these partnerships. We look forward to further growth of our business in China in the future. »»

Believe, which has been operating in China since 2016, significantly accelerated its investment in China in 2018 as the market matured, signed a sales contract with a local platform, and made a large investment in the local team. , The largest city on the market. Believe currently represents thousands of artists and hundreds of local labels.

With this long-term approach, Believe strengthens local expertise to help labels and artists achieve great success. Among them, Chinese singer Young Captain, one of Believe’s major “Artist Services” customers in China, increased his fan base from 50,000 to 1 million with TME and set a record 200 chart entries with TME. And it went from 300,000 to 2.7 million on NetEase Cloud. Music including his album “Young Captain’s Music World” and several singles since he began releasing music through Believe in May 2021.

Over the last decade, the Chinese music industry has embarked on a major shift to a more structured ecosystem that supports music creation, combats piracy, and increases transparency. Believe is at the forefront of this evolution, along with players such as TME, NetEase Cloud Music and ByteDance, to a sustainable business model for the Chinese music market through a licensing approach and a philosophy of supporting local artists. Supports migration. The stages of their career in respect, expertise, fairness and transparency.

Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) is China’s leading online music entertainment platform, a music and music-oriented social entertainment service for more than 800 million users through mobile apps such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and WeSing. Provides access to. NetEase Cloud Music is one of the fastest growing music platforms in China. Launched in 2013, it had 182.6 million monthly active users in 2021.


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Believe is one of the world’s leading digital music companies. Believe’s mission is to support independent artists and labels by providing digital solutions that meet the evolving needs of each stage of development. Believe relies on its technical platform and employees’ unique digital expertise to advise artists and labels, distribute and promote music. With 1,430 employees in more than 50 countries, we support them with unique digital expertise, respect, fairness and transparency. Believe offers a variety of solutions through a portfolio of brands such as TuneCore, Nuclear Blast, Naïve, Groove Attack and All Points. Believe is listed in the regulated market compartment A of Euronext Paris (Ticker: BLV, ISIN: FR0014003FE9).

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