Another step towards the exit

Positive YmpacT, and YseulysCostes and Thibaut Munie, founder of 1000mercis, have announced the submission of a simplified public purchase proposal for 1000mercis to the Financial Markets Authority by Positive YmpacT.

Today, through Positive YmpacT, we hold 58.20% of the capital and 56.30% of the theoretical voting rights of 1000 mercis, and Yseulys Costes and Thibaut Munie aim to provide shares in the companies they do not own. Excludes treasury stock held by 1000mercis.

In a financial market environment characterized by increasing constraints, the proposed proposals are in line with 1000mercis, the founder’s desire to allow its managers and their teams to focus calmly on the execution of their strategies. Therefore, 1000mercis is the best talent in a highly competitive environment, making structural investments, implementing more aggressive CSR policies, creating a new environment for sharing value creation for the benefit of the team. Increases flexibility to attract and maintain. mutation.

Yseulys Costes said: “Thibaut Munier and I were pioneers who founded 1000mercis over 20 years ago with the mission of helping organizations leverage digital channels to build lasting relationships with their customers. Today, I We operate in a more mature ecosystem and a more competitive environment, including attracting and retaining talent. These basic trends are further accelerated by critical hygiene and technological changes. And overall, these factors are the financial profile of 1000mercis. From this point of view, a new chapter should be opened. If the removal from the list of 1000mercis is implemented, it will bring the agility needed by the organization and the strategy. You will be able to calmly focus on your execution. A list of your growing stock exchanges without the pressure of constraints. “
Mrs. Costes adds: “Delisting also creates a new environment for sharing value creation for the benefit of the team. Team commitment is a determinant of future success. Finally, support us throughout us. Thanks to our shareholders for their ability to support French entrepreneurs in their journey and their ability to carry out their strategies. “

Key terms and timing of the offer

The offer is priced at € 30 per share and represents a premium of 28.2% of the last pre-announced quote and 34.5% of the average price weighted by trading volume over the last 60 days. The founder and Positive YmpacT will squeeze out all shares they do not hold if the minority shareholders do not hold more than 10% of the capital and do not have 1000 voting rights to appreciate the outcome of the offer. We are planning to carry out the procedure.

At the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee, on February 9, 2022, the 1000mercis Board of Directors took over the company A2EF, represented by Mrs. Sonia Bonnet Bernard, in a simplified takeover bid and fair financial terms for the squeeze-out procedure. sex. After reading the report of an independent expert, the 1000mercis Board of Directors will meet again to present a reasonable opinion on the benefits and consequences of the offer to 1000mercis, its shareholders and its employees. ..

Based on the metric timetable, the offer must start in May 2022.

Offers and draft memorandums are subject to review by AMF.