Ann Vinho, Mayor of the Environment of Besanson, “Cry of Warning” on Community Financial Difficulties

Faced with rising energy and labor costs, Besançon’s mayor of EELV, Anne Vignot, warns of the budget situation in her city and appeals to the state. interview.

Individuals are not the only ones who have to fasten their belts to pay their invoices. This also applies to local governments.

In Besancon, the mayor of Europe Ecology Les Welts, Ann Vignott “Cry of warning” He asked the state to help the municipality and, like everyone else, faced rising raw material and energy prices, and rising agency salaries. Up to the point of considering outages, constraints, enforcement, specific activities or specific equipment. interview.

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Interview with Ann Vignott


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How is Besancon’s budget today?

“We are in a very good financial position, but we inherited gray debt, a very energy-intensive building. Given the energy crisis, our budget has been exhausted. We are usually in over 4 million euros in energy spending. Today we have another 2 million for energy. It’s huge. We expected to absorb this drift. Can, but it doesn’t last. It’s the first alert. The second alert, it’s the price drift of the material: wood, aluminum, steel … it’s huge, between 20 and 40% of the increase. We have been forced to abandon operations to complete other projects. The government has also adopted an amazing practice: it decides to transfer a certain number of missions locally. Authorities without compensation Tomorrow, and it’s very good because it has a need for proximity, for example, due to a name change, it’s full-time equivalent (FTE) added. There is no compensation, and it is necessary And there’s an important and urgent factor: it’s an increase in civilian index points. We’re waiting to see how high it is. The latest upgrades are already impacting the community’s operating budget. , Over 2.4 million euros.

Will the increase in index points be compensated?

“Today, all community associations want this to be compensated. So far, nothing has been announced.”

In Besancon, how much does this increase the cost of index points?

“Given the increase in 3 index points, this is the smallest in my opinion. This is 1.8 million, or € 600,000 per index point. In the range, investment and investment budgets are very significantly imbalanced. You can see that it casts doubt on the very structure of the budget when it is voted. The state is not obliged to balance the budget, but we do. If there is an additional cost, we do. Abandon a certain number of investments or operations. Community activities.

If nothing changes, will you enter the wall?

“We are always against the wall in the sense that we have a duty to balance. In the worst case, we are forced to stop serving the population. Operation is service to the population. Culture. Money for social, sporting, social groups … The life of the town depends on these subsidies. Today, I have an association, a club that has lost a very difficult membership and is coming to me for help in terms of management. It is now the rarest item in the house, but it still dominates and brings the territory to life. It is the accompaniment, which is a subsidy, that allows the association to continue operating. We never measure what the association brings to us. Of course, there are volunteer activities, but without a grant, everything would fall apart. What we are experiencing is unprecedented. “

Have you ever thought about what might be stopped?

“This is definitely work to be done this summer. At the end of August, the government will pave the way for the financial law of 2023. After that, we will see the allocations and constraints. Energy Shield To maintain the purchasing power of individuals. Applies to. Measures have been taken against tenants of businesses and social landlords, but no compensation for the community. Today, it is the community that absorbs all the impact of the crisis. Exceptional I have to revise my budget, but I may be able to stop the activity as it is, but of course I will continue the essential activity.

Where are the margins? Where can I put the stroke of an airplane?

“We are already very calm. School first, we need to keep working on structural things. We don’t save children. Given our current budget, 2022 Hope we can resist, and we are watching carefully what will happen in 2023. We are resisting because we were ambitious: Gymnasium, we have 5 million in their refurbishment. Invested. 150,000 euros. Therefore, we will get a quick and significant return on investment. “

Municipalities smaller than Besancon have stopped heating pools due to the cost of energy. Can Besancon achieve this?

“I don’t know if it’s leisure or cultural that we have to close or stop our activities. We have to analyze the impact on the population. That’s what we have to find. It’s a balance. “

What exactly do you expect from the government?

“All local governments are calling on the state to work with local governments in a transpartisan way, rather than harming them. Public procurement, one of the main drivers of the economy, is , We are the locals. Authorities … Leftist parties want to establish a social and climate justice fund. It’s not Bercy’s culture, but the urgency certainly directs state aid to the community. That is. Investment and operations are capital. It’s a cry of caution. The model is nearing the end. Local governments can’t absorb everything. If the state interferes with local government functions, the entire system Will collapse. “

Even if you raise the local tax?

“There is no local tax anymore. There is no housing tax anymore. There is still property tax, but it’s not that important.”

So you’re not saying, “I’m not going to raise taxes.”

“I can’t say anything. It’s clear that if tomorrow we can’t provide domestic help at CCAS and we can’t provide children’s supervision at school, we’ll be very close to this problem. Taxes. Taxes. It’s a lever, but it’s minimal compared to the crisis. Today, we’re asking the country not to ban action. ”