Analysis by Good Value for Money of Growth Allocation Long Term (ALT) fund proposed by Spirica

the Long-term allocation growth fund (ALT) teeth Innovative investment supportCreated in September 2021 by the life insurance company Spirica, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances. The CroissanceAllocationLong Terme (ALT) fund is ” Stand at a crossroads ” while :

  • Classic Euro Fund Providing a capital guarantee
  • Euro Croissance Fund This includes a partial or total guarantee of capital invested at a fixed maturity.
  • Guaranteed capital funds Those whose values ​​are built so that they do not fall below a certain percentage,
  • Maturity fund It will be settled automatically on a specific day.

Specifically, the Croissance Allocation Long Terme (ALT) fund is for investors Guarantee of 80% of investment capital as of August 31 (after deducting fees)th Year After the payment date. Therefore, the characteristics of the Croissance Allocation Long Terme fund are as follows:

  • deadlineThat is, December 31st of 8th The year after the investment,
  • Partial capital guarantee at maturityThat is, 80% after deducting fees,
  • There is no daily capital guaranteeJust like the Euro Croissant Fund.

The Croissant Allocation Long Term (ALT) fund is not a euro-denominated fund, a euro croissant fund, or a unit-linked fund. It is an internal fund of life insurance company Spirica.Will be brought directly to the balance sheet. Therefore, it is Spirica that bears the guarantee of 80% of the invested capital. After deducting the due date fee.

Long-term Allocation Growth (ALT) Funds Work Generationally.. Specifically, it means that Spirica launches a new generation of funds each year.For example, all Payments made by fund investors in 2022 will be automatically settled on December 31, 2030... The 80% guarantee (after deducting fees) of the invested capital is valid only on this expiration date. If the saver decides to redeem some or all of the savings invested in the fund prior to this maturity date, he will end at the market price.

Target asset allocation Spirica’s Target for Long-Term Allocation Growth Fund (ALT) Allows for significant diversificationWhen :

  • 25-30% equity,
  • 25-30% real estate,
  • 25-30% Private Equity (FCPR),
  • 10-25% Bonds and Real Estate..

compare, Good Value for Money recalls that traditional euro funds consist of bonds with an average of 79%.Especially 9% stocks and 7% real estate. Therefore, Croissance Allocation Long Terme (ALT) funds have significantly less fixed income exposure. This is attractive to savers in the current situation of complete uncertainty about both inflation and interest rates.

Access to the Long Term Allocation Growth Fund (ALT) Savers are always possible, at least subject to investing elsewhere 25% per account (I know that ALT Growth funds are not considered a unit of account).

The Financial performance What the fund acquired in the first two years is (performance minus management fees and total social security and tax burden):

  • 2020: + 1.96% (I know that year was partial to the fund),
  • 2021: + 4.88% (All year).

the Long-term allocation growth fund (ALT) Currently all by Spirica New generation products It was released in the fall of 2020.

  • Agreement Opportunity Tree 2 When Absolute version 2 Provided by the platform UAF Life Heritage,
  • Agreement Medical Premium 2 When PERrennity Medical Distributed by common agents in medical care..

Key Assets of Long-Term Allocation Growth (ALT) Funds

  • Asset allocation Of the funds that are likely to be offered Inflation resistance It is significantly better than traditional euro funds, which invest 79% in bonds on average.
  • Saver could spread risk By investing in a fund in different years Different generations of funds..
  • Easy to understand fund promises By saver: 80% of investment capital after deduction of fees as of December 31st of 8th The year after the investment.
  • Total liquidity of investment With a fund for savers.
  • 8 year investment period Consistent with the investment period of a life insurance or capitalization contract.

Key Disadvantages of Long-Term Allocation Growth (ALT) Funds

  • There is no daily guarantee Invested capital.
  • Capital guarantee during the period is limited to 80% Of the investment after deducting costs.
  • Fund performance history is limited to 2 years At this stage.

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