Alan Allman Associates-Alan Allman Associates announces completion of capital increase for the benefit of investor restricted circles-03/21 / 022-07: 50

Issy-les-Moulineaux, March 21, 2022 – 7:50 am-Alan Allman Associates (Euronext Paris-FR0000062465-“Company”-AAA), an ecosystem of international consulting firms has announced a capital increase reserved for a limited investor circle.

Thus, Alan Allman Associates issued 39,568 new shares on July 3, 2022 under the 16th resolution of the Joint General Assembly on June 23, 2021 (for restricted investors). Article L.411-2 of the Financial and Financial Law reserved for the Circle). All of these issues were executed without discounts based on the volume-weighted average price of the three trading sessions prior to the settlement of the issue price. The 39,568 new shares issued in this way represent approximately 0.09% of the capital and will increase free float.

The new shares will have current dividend rights and will be allowed to trade in the Euronext Paris Compartment C market under the same ISIN code FR0000062465–AAA. Settlement of new shares-delivery and admission to trading in the Euronext Growth Market must be completed by March 25, 2022.

About Alan Allman Associates

Alan Allman Associates is a powerful brand ecosystem in the consulting world, created in 2009 through acquisitions and in-house performance development, specifically focused on digital transformation. Founded in Europe and North America, Ecosystem maintains a dynamic, value-creating network of relationships in three areas: high-tech consulting, industrial transformation consulting, and strategic consulting. Alan Allman Associates is labeled Happy At Work, ISO 9001 certified and Silver Ecovadis medalist for its CSR performance.

Alan Allman Associates are listed in Euronext Paris Compartment B (FR0000062465 – Ticker AAA).

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