AIM Dubai 2022: Investing in Sustainable Innovation for a Prosperous Future

The Annual Dubai Investment Conference (AIM) is an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy aimed at providing a framework for global exchange on international investment policy and growth.The platform aims to create positive change by creating investment opportunities...

The 11th edition of AIM was opened by Abdullah bin Touq Al MarriMinister of Economy, United Arab Emirates.

“”The AIM Framework was specially created to promote global interaction based on the key principles that underpin investment, movement and trends to drive smart and comprehensive global growth.“, Said Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri..

This 2022 edition focuses on investing in sustainable innovation for a prosperous future. According to the organizers, this means foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, SMEs, start-ups, and the future of the city.

according to Dawood Al ShezawiChairman of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Meeting: “AIM allows countries to encourage entrepreneurs and foreign direct investment.A place where governments and entrepreneurs meet investors and venture capitalists“.

More than 174 countries participated in this three-day event at the Dubai International Exposition.

Anna DraskovichThe President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development spoke in a panel discussion on sustainability.

“One of the most interesting messages is that sustainability is no longer a cost of business. This is actually a great business opportunity. So this is a brand new asset class. Everyone should pay attention to it. “She said.

In addition to allowing investment conferences, AIM has established next year’s program to foster entrepreneurship between young people and cities of the future.

During the event, companies were optimistic about acquiring and adopting new technologies to move their businesses forward, according to AIM organizers.

Irish in Dubai

In addition, the UAE welcomes thousands of Irish expatriates and trade between the two countries is increasing. Ireland’s exports to the UAE increased by 12% in 2020. Now that Ireland has reopened, the UAE wants Irish tourists to return to the region.

Neil Gibbons, The CEO of Dubai’s Tourism Board of Ireland explained why the relationship between the two countries is so special.

“”It dates back decades. There is a really nice Irish who came here in the 1970s. Colm McLoughlin-Dubai Duty Free. Gerald Lores-Jumeira Group.And to this day, Irish people continue to come and now form a large community in the area.“, He said.

More than 10 years ago, it was decided to establish the Irish Tourism Board in the United Arab Emirates to maintain this link.

“”It’s great because Airlink is currently offered by Emirates, Etihad Airways and you can see many Emirates departing to visit Ireland.From a tourism point of view, it is very beneficial“Add Neil Gibbons.

According to the CEO of Dubai’s Tourism Board, the region is key to diversifying the Irish tourism market, which has traditionally been heavily dependent on the United Kingdom and North America.

“”It is an important part of the world not only from the perspective of Emirates, but also from the perspective of connection. Emirates flies to more than 200 destinations around the world, and Etihad is also located here, making it an excellent gateway not only from here, but to other markets such as India, China, Australia and New Zealand. It will be. Obviously, the COVID arrived and had a huge impact on the sector. And now it’s a matter of returning to tourism.“, Neil Gibbons explains.

The Annual Investment Conference addresses sustainability and innovation challenges at the government level, but some individuals are looking for solutions on their own. In Australia, most people rely on local governments and private companies for access to water and electricity, but some are looking to off-the-grid options in the hope of becoming self-sufficient.


About 25 years ago Michael Mobs You have selected off-the-grid. This specialist in sustainable projects explains two reasons that led to his choice.

“The first reason is a bit childish … I just wanted to do it because I was told it was impossible. Second, I have the instinct to give as much love as possible to the planet,” explains Michael Mobbs. increase.

Her home looks like most other homes in the neighborhood, but it actually has hidden features. An underground tank that collects reusable unfiltered rainwater.

The collected rain passes through filters and pipes and eventually flows into the reservoir. And when the house needs it, it is sterilized by UV lamps that kill viruses and pathogens.

the Dr. Alejandro Montoya, The director of the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Sydney said that water recycling is very important due to the lack of clean water in some areas.

“”Climate change affects water storage. And we will face the need for a sustainable stream of clean water for this growing population on Earth.“, He says.

In 1996, Michael Mobs installed 18 solar panels on the roof and added 12 more to bring the total electricity capacity to 3.5 kW. In 2015, he went one step further and separated the house from the power grid. However, if disconnecting from the general network makes sense from an environmental point of view, it may not work from a financial point of view.

“”Comparing the two solutions, the first: everyone is self-sufficient … or the second: for reliability reasons, with solar panels in parallel on the roof and batteries in the garage, Everyone is connected to the central grid. Which of these two options is the cheapest? It’s clear that it’s always cheaper to use the mainline in Sydney, other major cities, and other densely populated areas.“I guarantee Gregor BerbickAssociate Professor of Future Energy Network Center (CFEN) in Sydney.

For Gregor Berbick, the future of electricity lies in renewable energy. But we need to change the way we consume and pay for them.