Agreement on financial structure adjustment

The FIGEACAÉRO Group, a reference partner for major aviation manufacturers, has announced that it has reached an agreement with all financial partners with the aim of carrying out a series of inseparable operations leading to financial restructuring within the group. It is an ad hoc man dating framework and is backed by CIRI.
In light of the six months results announced on December 28, 2021, the FIGEA CAÉRO Group has demonstrated its ability to rebound with significantly improved results. Group activity levels (+ 30% LFL increase) in the first half of 2021/22 confirm a recovery in the aviation sector reflected in increased aircraft deliveries, new orders from airlines, and resumption of air traffic. I am.
In addition, all of the company’s strong cost-cutting measures as part of optimizing operations and securing long-term funding can produce initial results and foresee the end of the turmoil. In fact, sales are increasing and the operating margin is 9.7%, improving for the second consecutive semester, approaching the double-digit target for the end of the 2021/22 fiscal year (as of March 31, 2022). Cash flow from operating activities is close to the break-even point and should be positive at the end of this fiscal year, according to the company’s goals.

Based on the latest announcement of increased production from manufacturers, we confirmed the outlook for 2021/22 and clarified the outlook for the Route 2025 plan.

In addition, the FIGEACAÉRO Group has not been directly exposed to Ukraine and Russia and has never encountered a supply interruption on any industrial land. Nonetheless, ongoing conflicts and the associated geopolitical tensions can impact the global economy and thus weigh on the Group’s long-term performance …

Jean-Claude Maillard, CEO of FIGEA CAÉRO, said: Plan Route 25 and strengthen your liquidity position. With new reference shareholders and financial enhancement, FIGEA CAÉRO secures the future of the industry. We thank all creditors and stakeholders who have made it possible to breathe new life into the group and pursue its value. -Create development with ambition. “

Changes to TikehauAce Capital’s entry conditions into our capital

Tikehau Ace Capital is confident in the future of the Group as a leading and recognized supplier of the global aviation supply chain and would like to support the development of FIGEA CAÉRO in this new growth phase. Therefore, on September 9, 2021, the company announced the conclusion of a binding agreement with Tikehau Ace Capital with the aim of acquiring a minority stake in the Group’s capital.
In consultation with Tikehau Wes Capital, the aviation sector strengthened the shares of FIGEACAÉRO announced on September 9, 2021. With this amendment, Tikehau Ace Capital promises to significantly increase the company’s investment in capital and agree to increase reserved capital by up to € 58.5 million (including issuance premiums). The originally planned amount was 35ME. The issue price of new shares remains at € 5.60 per share.

Therefore, Tikehau Ace Capital promises to underwrite up to 10,446,428 new shares within the framework of our capital increase.
Mylard, a majority shareholder of the Company, has abandoned the sale of most of the FIGEACAÉRO shares that had to be sold to Tikehau Ace Capital for € 5.60 so that we could enjoy the full effect. Of Tikehau Ace Capital’s investment. The sale of FIGEACAÉRO shares from Maillard to Tikehau Ace Capital now includes 803,572 FIGEACAÉRO shares at the same price of € 5.60 (compared to the original plan of 3,750,000 FIGEACAÉRO shares).