After Real Madrid’s defeat, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel gets angry and can’t finish third in the Premier League.Soccer news sky news

Thomas Tuchel revealed that he had pulled the player away from Chelsea due to lack of structure and strength in the match after losing to Real Madrid on Wednesday, and if he didn’t raise the level, the team would be 3 in the Premier League. He warned that there was no guarantee that he would be ranked.

Karim Benzema’s hat-trick resulted in a 3-1 defeat for Champions League holders in the first leg of the quarterfinals at Stamford Bridge a few days after Brentford humiliated Chelsea 4-1.

These consecutive defeats after the international break suddenly ended six consecutive victories, and Tuhel said the defeats were “atypical.”

He gave players an honest rating of what was lacking in this week’s performance, hoping to return to Southampton in the Premier League on Saturday.

“It wasn’t a controversial meeting,” he said with a smile. “I gave my point of view.

“We take the player’s point of view very seriously, but in the last two games we felt we needed to give our point of view, but everyone can accept the criticism. In a closed room where you can.

“We’re not pointing our finger. We’re not looking for the culprit. We’re on the same boat, but we had to point out what we could better defend in the game. Attacks in our game. Principle is something we didn’t do.

“Surprisingly, the last game lacked structure. Then we lacked the rhythm and repetition of the attack, the discipline of position in the attack. We focused and invested in defense. Was lacking.

“These are details of the situation, not general criticism. I like players and groups and can get better together.

“It’s very unusual for us. We saw it and told the team about it. We need to stop this direction as soon as possible. And the best possibility is tomorrow (Saturday). )is.

Chelsea beat Real Madrid 3-1 in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals

“It’s not like us to defend that way and recognize many goals. We didn’t see it coming because it wasn’t before the international break. Because it doesn’t fit the pattern, Not easy to manage. “”

“Big chance” missed for the real

Obviously frustrated after losing to Real Madrid, Tuhel said he thought his tie was no longer alive.

Looking back at his reaction, he said it came from feeling that his team had missed a “huge opportunity.”

“I was disappointed with the result after losing to Liverpool, but I was absolutely happy with how I played and what kind of game it was,” he said. “So the next day’s mood was very different from Brentford and Real Madrid.

“We felt like we had a great opportunity [against Real Madrid].. It’s not normal to have a quarterfinal in the Champions League. It was a huge night with huge enemies and we did not bring the highest level.

“That’s why we were disappointed and angry. After the match, we weren’t good at hiding our emotions, but we know how well we can play and how rare mistakes and performances were to us.» »»

The defeat of the first leg to Real Madrid means that Chelsea have everything they need to maintain the Champions League defense when they visit Bernabeu next week, but due to the defeat to Brentford. , They are looking over the shoulder at the national level.

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Chelsea are currently only 5 points away from 4th and 5th place Tottenham and Arsenal. Tuhel states that players need to reach higher levels to reach third place. ..

“I am absolutely confident [Chelsea can finish third] But it wasn’t given, “said Tuhel. “This is the toughest league in the world.

“We know how hard we’ve been through the season. I think the team can still play at a very high level, but if we don’t reach that, we can lose to any quality team for the last five days. I proved it with. It’s a reminder to us.

“Don’t be ashamed of the fight for 3rd place. It’s a tough competition until the final day. Are you confident? Yes, because you trust the players and staff. But is that clear? No. »»

Team News: Hudson-Odoiout; Lukaku, Ziyech Suspicion

Tohel confirmed that Callum Hudson Odoy (Achilles and vice versa) was not available this weekend and is expected to be unavailable for “weeks”.

Romelu Lukaku (Achilles) and Hakim Ziyech (blow) also miss Thursday’s training due to a “small problem” and need a test to see if they can play against Southampton before Friday afternoon training. I also had doubts.

Chelsea match schedule:

April 9 – Southampton Premier League

April 12- Real Madrid (a) Champions League Qualifying Round 2

April 17 – Crystal Palace (Wembley) FA Cup Semifinal

April 20 – Arsenal (h) Premier League, I live in sky sports

April 24 – West Ham (h) Premier League, I live in sky sports

April 26 / 27– Manchester / Atletico de Madrid Champions League SF Round 1 *

May 1st – Everton (a) Premier League, I live in sky sports

May 3/4 – Manchester / Atletico de Madrid SF Champions League Round 2 *

May 7 – Wolf (h) Premier League

May 11 – Leeds Live in the Premier League, Sky Sports

May 14 – FA Cup Final *

May 15 – Manchester United (a) Live in the Premier League, Sky Sports

May 19 – Lester (h) Premier League

May 22 – Watford (h) Premier League

May 28 – Champions League Final *

* Depends on progress