After a good start of the year, Decpuru is in the right direction-May 30, 2022 11:46

(AOF) – Thanks to the dynamic first quarter, Dékuple rose 5.68% to € 33.50. Cross-channel data marketing specialists recorded sales of € 45.9 million, up 21.6% in the first three months of the year. Gross profit was up 14.1% to € 36.7 million.

Revenues increased 17.9% overall in 2021 and gross profit increased 12.8%. Operating profit increased 59.2% to € 14.8 million, 11% of gross profit compared to 7.8% in 2020.

Dékuple welcomed the strong growth of digital marketing activities. First-quarter sales increased 53% to € 23.2 million. Gross profit for this activity was € 13.9 million, up 47%. It currently accounts for half of the Group’s sales.

In line with “Ambition 2025”, Dékuple maintains a course of expansion strategy aimed at becoming a “European leader in data marketing”.

“With solid financial resources, we can support the aggressive growth of digital marketing, strengthen our position there, and at the same time continue to invest in commercial portfolio activities that generate recurring revenue,” Dékuple emphasizes.

“The results for this quarter show Dekpur’s resilience in the face of current economic uncertainty, and we are confident that we will be able to achieve another year of strong growth in 2022,” said CEO Bertrand Laurioz. Says.


Media: Free press and gradual disappearance of m

Local coverage

The pandemic had a huge impact on the already struggling free press. The first title to collapse was the Daily Metro, which stopped publishing in 2015. Although advertising spending has fallen for several months due to the health crisis, the economic model for these titles is entirely based on advertising revenue. In addition, public transport dissatisfaction and the generalization of telework in businesses have further exacerbated the disadvantage. According to data from the Alliance for Press and MediaFigures (ACPM), free news presses had a 54.3% reduction in circulation in 2020 compared to 2019. The only survivors are currently the newspaper 20 Minutes (created in 2002). .. Since June 2021, the paper version has been distributed three days a week. We are using digital to recover after a 38% drop in sales in 2020.

For PQRs (Regional Daily), we are stepping up our initiative to increase digital subscriptions after a long time of avoiding the crisis of newspaper distribution thanks to subscriptions. According to the ACPM Observatory, the share of digital editions on the Internet (by individuals and third parties) accounts for 57.3% of national newspaper circulation, while local newspapers account for only 10%. To keep digital subscribers more volatile than paper subscribers, regional daily newspapers are expanding their content offerings. In this way, the five publishers (“Le Telegram”, “La Voix du Nord”, “Sudd West”, “La Nouvelle Republique du Center West” and the subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel ” “Evra” groups multiple titles) has joined forces. Improve your digital viewers’ bottom line with in-house TV, Territoires TV.