Advice: Latest information on activities

Advicenne, a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and marketing of innovative therapies for people suffering from rare kidney disease, is up to date on governance evolution and activities when the AGM was held on June 9, 2022. Provide information. ..

The Joint Shareholders’ Meeting, held in Paris on June 9, adopted all resolutions submitted to the vote relating to the approval of the parent company and the granting of the consolidated financial statements, financial delegation and delegation to the board of directors. Approval to allow assignment of options for subscribing or purchasing BSA, free stock, and company stock.

The Integrated Assembly also appointed director Didier Lawrence and censorship Andre Ulman for a three-year term.

The Board of Directors, which was held after this meeting, appointed Philip Boucheron as Chairman of the Board. Philip Boucheron continues to chair the Compensation Committee. The board also noted the change in the permanent representative of Bpifrance Investissement, who is Mr. Tibaud Luron. Thibaut Roulon, on behalf of Bpifrance Investmentissement, will continue to be a member of the Audit Committee chaired by Mrs. Catherine Dunand.

The Joint General Assembly was an opportunity to announce the progress of various programs and our strategy. Since March 2022, we have occupied our new headquarters in Paris, with all French teams expected to join by the end of June. Neem’s historic office will be closed and the reorganization that began last year will be completed. The new headquarters will consolidate all departments. Advicenne now has a “very experienced and significantly updated” management team to face new challenges for the company, especially industry and commerce, as the company’s business volume grows.

Advicenne sells several products in the field of neurology through sales agreements. These products generated sales of approximately € 2 million in 2021. We are stepping up the commercial development of these products, in particular looking for options to increase the value creation of the clobazam oral suspension formulation, Ricozam.

In addition, we recall the development of ADV6209 (Ozarin), which has been approved for marketing (AMM) since 2018. Global rights were sold to the Swiss Institute Primex Pharmaceuticals AG in 2016. The products are sold in major European countries. Its commercial expansion can be resumed with the resumption of children’s scheduled surgical procedures after Covid and with the upcoming opening of other European countries. Advicenne recalls that signing a contract involves a cumulative payment of € 33 million in royalties to be paid in 2025, in addition to the € 7 million already received.

After obtaining marketing approval for Sibnayal in Europe, Advicenne is in talks with health authorities to set drug prices and reimbursement terms. We have already signed several exclusive distribution partnerships covering Benelux, Central and Eastern European countries, and Scandinavian countries, making this treatment readily available in other European countries and regions. It’s a schedule.

Across the Atlantic, Advicenne continues to trade with the FDA to optimize the clinical development of the ADV7103, exploring the possibilities of various partnerships to maximize its potential in the product.

Finally, Advicenne is preparing for clinical trials with the goal of extending the indication of ADV7103 to cystinuria in both Europe and North America.