Act for Ukraine: Euro 9.1 billion ($ 12.4 billion) pledge to support internally displaced persons and refugees

“Action for Ukraine” campaign and global donor conference (Stand up for Ukraine) Raised € 9.1 billion ($ 12.4 billion) for those fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine and abroad, including € 1 billion from the European Commission.

In addition, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has announced an additional € 1 billion loan to cover the needs of those exiled by the aggression.

Of this € 101 billion, € 1.8 billion is targeted for internally displaced persons in Ukraine and € 8.3 billion is intended to accommodate refugees from EU member states and neighboring countries such as Moldova.

The € 9.1 billion pledge is classified as follows:

  • € 4.1 billion is a financial contribution and in-kind donation to internally displaced persons and refugees in Ukraine, pledged by governments, businesses and individuals around the world.
  • € 5 billion is loans and grants provided by European public financial institutions (European Investment Bank and Council of Europe Development Bank).

Government commitments to Ukrainian internally displaced persons are currently planned to be made primarily through Ukrainian authorities at the central and local levels. Individual donations to the private sector and internally displaced persons will be made primarily through UN agencies.


“” Today, we have raised more than $ 12.4 billion to continue to support Ukrainians exiled by Putin’s lasting and unjust war. Whether it’s food, water, accommodation or medical assistance, we will continue to support you and provide you with the assistance you need at the moment. We act for Ukraine. »»

Your Honor.Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“The solidarity of countries, businesses and citizens around the world brings some light to these dark times. The” Standup for Ukraine “campaign is € 9.1 billion for those fleeing bombs inside and outside Ukraine. Raised and EBRD promised another billion euros. And this is not over. We will continue to support you in the future. And once the bombs stop falling, help the Ukrainians rebuild the country. We will continue to act for Ukraine. »»

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission


  • The Act for Ukraine Online Donor Conference is the culmination of a wide range of social media campaigns launched by the European Commission and the Government of Canada in collaboration with Global Citizen on Saturday, March 26th.
  • This campaign is in response to a call for support by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Its purpose is to raise funds and other forms of support to meet the needs of those fleeing the invasion inside and outside Ukraine.
  • specifically :
    • For those who may do the same as more than 4 million people who are already seeking refuge in the EU: Funds from food, housing and medical care meet short-term and medium-term needs in EU member states Used for education and employment.
    • For 6.5 million people, including 2.5 million children who have been displaced but remain in Ukraine and are now internally displaced, funding and in-kind donations provide them with important humanitarian assistance.
  • Recognizing Poland’s important role in helping refugees fleeing Ukraine’s aggression, the Donor Conference “Acting for Ukraine” was held in Warsaw with the participation of President Duda.

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