ABC of forecasts and data

Recently, advertising investment has been very high on digital platforms, especially for the performance indicators that brands reveal. For both advertisers and agencies, predicting outcomes and looking at data on a regular basis are useful actions that enable campaigns to effectively reach established goals. How are these media placement predictions made? Where, when and how do you collect data? the attic Investigate these questions with a series of experts from a group of media agencies Omnicom Media Group ((((OMG).

“In 2021, the share of digital platforms accounted for 57% of our clients’ advertising investment in Canada, and the industry was 50%,” he explains. Isabel Vail Lagon,vice president Hearts & Science — Daughter agency OMG — Quoted from the source RECMA..

The pandemic situation has certainly contributed to the popularity of online platforms, which are significantly redefining the way information is consumed, worked, retrieved, or maintained. “The digital platform was able to provide a very flexible solution, but uncertainties about health and multiple regulatory changes required companies to coordinate their commerce and marketing activities in real time.” I am saying. Benjamin FerreiraDirector Hearts & Science..

But long before the crisis, it was clear to advertisers that ad placement choices would definitely take into account the consumer’s “online life” that could be observed, evaluated and compared at any time.

For each client, his official.according to Isabel Vail Lagon, The category of products the brand sells, its industry, or its main target, are all data that media placement professionals need to consider and analyze before developing the most effective investment strategies. “There is a huge gap between customer categories, business goals, e-commerce deployments, product purchasing processes, customers you want to reach, and the role of digital platforms in consumer travel,” she explains. ..

To be sure, few people do not consider data science in their equations. Digital platforms help foster this ubiquitous and lasting enthusiasm for what can be measured and quantified.

Plan in advance
Predictions, which are the first indicator of behavior that a user in a section may perform on a product or a particular platform, allow you to observe the correlation between the initial intent of the campaign and the position of your advertising investment.

“Before making predictions, we first need to work with our clients, partner agencies, and research departments to make some hypotheses. From the beginning, it’s important to measure the effectiveness of your actions and improve the overall outcome of your campaign. To set clear and quantifiable goals that you can, for example, if your goal is to raise awareness, you need to analyze your competitors, brand history, and some marketing research in detail. ” I will explain. Martin SubairanVice President of the agency strike!..

Next, it’s time to decide where to place your advertising investment. Deployment planning is supported by one or more highly specialized technical tools, often in a wide range of analytical disciplines.

“Our forecast data helps us identify strategic assumptions. OMNIA unique tool with antennas across the country and around the world, we can recommend the best investment optimized by the channel to reach the audience of your choice. These data sources can come from a variety of markets, so you can adapt your media mix if deployed. ” Martin Subairan..

Teams can also use an advertising server to validate their predictions. This tool is based on the results of past campaigns and seeks to predict future campaign performance, especially thanks to “formats used, targets, and tactics adopted”.

Real-time performance
The placement of online ads allows us to target consumer behavior more accurately than ever before. Therefore, even after the start, you can monitor, optimize, or modify specific campaigns at any time to increase the effectiveness of your initial strategy.

for Benjamin FerreiraDirector Hearts & Science“Digitally measurable and optimizable platforms capture this obsession in real time, and immediate access to quantifiable data is driving attention to short-term activation tactics and conversion-based KPIs. “.

Getting an overview of the various investments is Jean-Francois Bourdeauxdirected by Marketing science At home OMG.. The latter believes that the strength of the data lies in the centralized repatriation of campaign information from various monitoring tools. “Overall, with multiple data platforms, automation plays a major role in the performance analysis process. Automation brings different data sources together in one place and the manual work to collect all the data. Is reduced.

At home OMGA full unit of data analysis specialists is working hard in Montreal to maintain a dashboard showing the success of digital campaigns, identify performance indicators, and support activation strategists in interpreting results.

Continuous updates
According to our experts, the post-pandemic period will certainly bring a share of adjustments to keep up with the evolution of consumer behavior and needs. However, forecasts and data continue to be an important ally for defining the advertising strategies adopted by brands and agencies.

“Proper media balance is what achieves our clients’ business goals, so we need very clear steps,” reminds us. Isabel Vail Lagon..

It can be a complex task for professionals who must constantly rethink their approach, adjust their knowledge, and explore the new digital universe.

“Data issues are at the heart of everything that affects digital advertising. It’s also the job of advertisers because they have to deal with an increasing share of technical considerations to accomplish the same job as before. Complicates the announcement of the disappearance of third-party cookies by GoogleCombined with all legislative and competitive pressures, has created a turmoil that the smallest players have little impact on results. Alexandre CimarVice President of Digital Activation OMG..