A beautiful story of win-win communication with cramps and small sports federations

In many cases, gameTwitch platform is not limited to mania Of video games. When YouTube, journalists and politicians invest, the platform is also the heyday of small sports federations. This is especially the case for the NHL, the National Handball League, which launched a partnership with the platform in October 2021, or the French Federation of Basketball working on a project to broadcast a 3×3 tournament.

Did they find El Dorado? According to sports economics specialist Pierre Rondeau, Twitch is a complete condensation of new consumer habits for young viewers. “They don’t like sports on TV more and more, they prefer democratized multi-screens. They indiscriminately consult social networks on computers, phones and tablets. Also, the main advantage of Twitch. Is an interaction.

Twitch, special role

Originally reserved for esports and gamers, Twitch is a platform with a very special code that “takes a bit to get”, and NHL communications manager Noémie Catalan said French handball is Twitch. Explains how it landed on. “In November 2020, after months of captivity in favor of digital to keep in touch with fans and game players, we launched an esports tournament based on the console game Handball 21. Called the Handball Cup. The players were professional club players and the young men were already very sensitive to video games. The tournament was held four consecutive Mondays and NHL was an experienced team, especially Marseille. Care was taken to be surrounded by the MCES team, a French esports club based in, especially the professional team of Fortnite games.

The same entry on the FFBB side: “I participated in Twitch through esports,” said Guillaume Karli, 3×3’s head of communications and basketball federation’s esports. Both openly reveal the current challenges. Is to install traditional sports on the platform. And if basketball is still working on the project, the sticking little balls are one step ahead. Since January, she has set up two weekly shows, mobilized a team of six, and Audience It is constantly increasing. For the NHL, this partnership is “everything useful.” “We don’t want to do television. We have no means. But it shows our sport, clubs embark on this communication channel, perpetuate projects of interest, and human scale. Another way to encourage it to be maintained at, “explains Noémie Catalan. “This is a way to combat the slowdown in media viewers. Mainstream, And to capture the new generation, “Pierre Rondeau is abundant.

Entertainment begins

In the case of handball, in the case of basketball, authorities are reported to bet on a series of match combinations. inside And the deliciousness of “sofa studio” speaking : “The goal is to have an expert to actually comment, some images of the competition, and extras,” explains Guillaume Kali. “During the League Cup Final 4 live at 7:30 am, we were in the room with a small set of technical means, and we saw players pass by right after the match. We’re also broadcasting part of the match in an agreement with BeIn Sport, which we regularly quote on the Twitch stream. We’re happy to say that the coverage is complete and our broadcaster has also recorded some great viewers. I was there, “says the NHL Communications Manager.

“3×3 is a free and flexible area that is easy to access and consumes quickly,” summarizes Guillaume Karli. What’s more effective at summing Twitch targets? “3×3 and Twitch are definitely compatible because they target the same generation. This quickly gets tired and you can see the regularity of your appointments as a constraint.” Enough to amplify the rhinestones and glitter sides of the sport. For NBA or NFL show models, esports competitions are live like Twitch, leaving plenty of room for spectacle.

A desire for much more media than economical for a small federation

Do you have a chance to stand out? “Today, youth dissatisfaction with traditional sports is a structural and generational problem,” analyzes Pierre Rondeau. Too many free and paid offers create an audience that is difficult to capture. Audience choices are so wide that you can afford to dominate the roost. “By investing in Twitch, which is already highly regarded by this connected young man who loves video games, handball, volleyball and basketball are working on popularity and recognition,” adds sports economists. “For now, we are not thinking about monetization, and NHL Communications Manager Noémie Catalan has also confessed. Our goal is to provide quality content and already follow us. Reaching young new viewers while getting closer to the fans who are doing it. “

For Guillaume Karli, Twitch is a new form of sports media coverage that complements existing sports media. “Twitch touches the center of the community, but TV targets the maximum number. We don’t offer the same program or the same theme. We aim for complementarity.”