Appointed by Societe Generale “Bank of the Year for Sustainability” (Bank of the Year from a Sustainable Development Perspective) According to the International Financing Review (IFR), it has completed its own set of recognition in terms of non-financial commitments.

The Bank of the Year nominations for sustainable development by IFR are already added to the prestigious series.It complements them 2021 Sustainability Investment Bank (Investment Bank for Sustainability in 2021) Awarded by a banker, from Best bank, When The best investment bank for sustainable finance (Best Bank, When Best Investment Bank for Sustainable Finance) 2021 by Global Finance, and An “AAA” rating determined by MSCI outside the financial institution.

We are pleased that our clients, financial journalists, and non-financial rating agencies are aware of our actions and commitments to build a sustainable future. Based on that purpose, Societe Generale puts CSR at the center of its strategy and activities. To address the challenges of inclusive and environmentally friendly economic development, we are actively working with stakeholders, especially on issues of climate, biodiversity and inclusion. We truly integrate ESG into everything we do.

Through that distinction, IFR is the Societe Generale Funding for energy conversion. “Some institutions have rushed to set up a team to take charge of the energy transition, but one bank was already in control to integrate the intensifying decarbonization challenges in 2021. Societe Generale is a 2021 bank for IFR in terms of sustainable development by demonstrating leadership on the basic themes of our time, “commented IFR.

For several years, we have combined ESG with sector expertise and structuring capabilities. To support our clients in their CSR trajectory, we have integrated solutions that have a positive impact on the overall client support, including advice, funding and investment. With common ambitions, we are building a future with our customers that the younger generation can expect.

The Group’s approach to sustainability began more than 20 years ago, helping to raise renewable energy funds, and then co-founding UNEP’s Positive Impact Finance Initiative-FI as a founding partner.

Based on this, integrated year after year, we were able to become a leader in this field today. It encourages us to continue to develop and deliver solutions that cover the range of our customers’ needs.

Our ambition to become a sustainable financial leader is rooted in our ability to use innovation and expertise to help build new standards. Supporting sustainable development begins with raising employee awareness and sharing challenges with all stakeholders in line with an understanding of the paradigm shift. The investment required to adapt our economy is unprecedented, which is demanding and motivating. This requires reinventing ways to help our customers provide the right answers and remain partners of choice in transformation. The IFR distinction is a tremendous awareness and strong encouragement to pursue this ambition.