2 Good news for CryptoADA that gives investors confidence

Hydra upgrade is approaching

The Hydra upgrade, scheduled for later this year, will improve Cardano’s scalability and allow the platform to handle up to 1 million transactions per second.

The Cardano development team is committed to reducing blockchain utilization and security.like arbitration At home Ethereum.. Hydra technology is committed to overcoming current scalability issues by providing off-chain solutions that facilitate interaction with other blockchains.

Hydra ensures network stability by dynamically maximizing bandwidth to save costs and time. Hydra makes it easier for users to develop DApps on the Cardano network.

Mamba upgrade is approaching

Mamba is Cardano’s sidechain strategy. The sidechain is an independent, separate blockchain that runs in parallel with the mainnet. Their purpose is to promote interoperability of the main blockchain. Real-time testing is also possible.Ethereum already has the following sidechains plasma..

The Cardano ecosystem is strongly evolving in many areas of #DEX liquidity, synthetic assets, bridges, lending and stablecoin 🚀. To explore this fertile photo, take a look at # Cardano’s DEX-Liquidity Landscape. #BMEanalytics @ Cardano $ ADA @basho_swap @wingriderscom https://t.co/2gC4arnFFm

Cardano has been researching and experimenting with sidechains for several years. Mamba is the culmination of this work. When describing Mamba, Hoskinson said that users would be able to create their own sidechains.

The main chain and side chains communicate in both directions.according to HoskinsonFor the first time in the history of the project, Mamba has a clear view of how this process works if the Cardano team interconnects the chains, as well as if the user creates their own side chains. I am.

Hoskinson also promises that pool operators will be able to develop a variety of sources of income by using sidechains.

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